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Because Math Matters

In this constantly shifting economy, clients and institutional investors increasingly find themselves in need of a customized financial plan built upon optimal diversification principles.  Microsigma’s proprietary algorithmic program allows us to construct mathematically-diversified, low-volatility investment portfolios.  Statistical principles suggest that reduced fluctuations result in more predictable outcomes.  With this notion in mind, our program precisely targets a low in-sample volatility level – the "sigma".  Microsigma = Low Risk      Learn more >


Because Our Portfolio Manager is a Tenured, Ph.D Finance Professor

Expert advice that achieves optimal results: Learn more about the practices that set us apart from the competition.  Microsigma Capital Management is your trusted source for investment guidance.

About Us


Because of Our Special Relationship with Raymond James

Microsigma Capital Management focuses on providing financial advice for both businesses and individual investors.  Our special relationship with Raymond James allows us to independently work for you, while having the support and services of Raymond James, a huge financial services powerhouse.

Raymond James

Complimentary Financial Plan

Investments can be complex and overwhelming.  You may not know what investments you currently have or what products you own.  We provide all clients with a complimentary financial plan in order to have a clear snapshot of their investments and products presented in a concise report.  There is no time to look back... Understand where you stand now, so you know where you need to be.

Complimentary Financial Plan...


Liquidity is Key

Life is full of surprises.  You never know when you might need to access your funds.  Our clients generally have the ability to draw money whenever needed for whatever reason, with NO release fees and NO penalties.  It is your nest egg, why be penalized to access it?  Liquidity and no penalty fees: why settle for less?

Our philosophy...


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